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This is Sparky, a Pacific Tree Frog or Chorus Frog. There are several of these little guys in our yard and they are all named "Sparky".  They earned this moniker when my middle child was part of the weekly bible club AWANA; she was in the Sparks group for kindergarteners lead by the wonderful Mrs. S., an older woman who had finished raising her children but still wanted to be around youngsters. One spring evening the Sparks or Sparkys as they were affectionately known went on a field trip to a nearby park/nature area. My little kinder was so excited, she loved being outdoors and this nature area had a little creek with an easy access point for safe and harmless creek exploration.  When the field trip was over and I arrived at the creek area to pick up my daughter, Mrs. S intercepted me before I had a chance to walk the few feet  down to where my daughter was happily standing with her friends. She had a worried look on her face and apologetically and nervously explained to me

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