Sunday, March 15, 2015

10 on 10 March

Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. 
~Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke

Unbelievably, spring has begun with gusto! A couple of weeks ago my youngest two daughters and I took our annual trek to a beautiful working ranch in the Sierra foothills that   the beautiful acres and acres of daffodils planted there. This year because of our mild winter and low rain fall, Daffodil Hill opened up nearly a month earlier than usual and as it only stays open for a few short weeks we needed to act fast.  So a spur of the moment field trip was in order!  

I also had fun taking some top down images of a few flowering plum branches. And I couldn't forget the planter of oh-so-popular succulents sitting in my windowsill! 

And lastly, while looking through the images I had just imported into Light Room I came across several (as in a couple dozen!) images all taken by my 9 year old.  Nearly all were out of focus (she's too impatient to actually wait for the lens to focus before taking her shot) but I could tell she was having fun. She snapped this of me while I opened up a package containing my new calligraphy supplies. This is one image that she really loved so I included it. 

Thank you for joining me for this month's 10 on 10!  I hope you enjoyed seeing what spring looks like in my part of the world.  Please continue on your 10 on 10 tour and visit Micah Hewett's absolutely beautiful blog! And don't forget to leave a little bloggy comment love while you are there!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 10 on 10

"February, when the days of winter seem endless and no amount of wistful recollecting can bring back any air of summer." 

-  Shirley Jackson, Raising Demons

This month has found me in a bit of a creative muddle. Do I spend time indulging in my first passion: photography? Or do I spend my limited free time developing a new/old love: calligraphy? the month progresses we'll see which wins. 

While looking for images to show here I realized I had seldom used my DSLR since Christmas and my iPhone only slightly more. So while the idea behind "10 on 10" is to showcase the 10th day of each month, this month's edition highlights 10 images from the last 2 or 3 weeks. And as it's February our theme for the month is LOVE. It's a rather hodge-podge but I hope it will give you a glimpse into what makes my heart go all aflutter. 

Teatime Tuesday (join me on IG and hashtag your tea/coffee/hot cocoa images with #teatime_tuesday)
Trying out a new dip pen nib. 
Making Valentine's for the family...a tradition  
Coffee with my sweet husband at SightGlass Coffee in San good!
A morning routine...solitary breakfast in the morning light.
A very old leather, hand painted handkerchief box. It reminds me of my dear Grandma very time I see it.
 I've rediscovered a love from my youth: Calligraphy 
Practice makes perfect. And what's not to love about a PINK pen holder? 
A good idea while sipping tea. 
Handmade Valentine's for my children. A tradition I started 20+ years ago.

Thank you for joining me this month. I hope you continue along the circle and visit Luciane Steiner to see her wonderful entry in this month's 10 on 10 Collaborative. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

My morning mantra and a fun Saturday

I wrote this on my pantry door at the start of January. Just a little something to remind me and my family to CHOOSE joy. It was the first time I'd ever written on the pantry chalkboard. I did it freehand. I thank Lindsey at The Postman's Knock  for inspiring me to attempt calligraphy again. I loved it as a child but through a series of events never really followed through on the desire to master it. Fast forward 35 years and I've purchased all of Lindsey's calligraphy worksheets AND today I'm heading to San Fransisco to attend a workshop given by Brianne of Brown Fox Calligraphy! I am so excited. I'm choosing JOY!

Friday, January 2, 2015

My "Word of the Year" and A Manifesto

Since 2009 I have spent the better part of each December really thinking about "my" word for the coming year. A word to help keep me focused on an attitude or an idea I want to incorporate more into my life; a word to help guide my thoughts and actions. This past December was no different, I  pondered, contemplated, and generally obsessed over just the right word. And it seemed to elude me nearly to the very end. But, as I knew it would, my word did come: JOY! 

My words over the past few years have included: grace, embrace, grow, simplify and breathe. All have served me well but they seemed to turn the focus inward or on an action I needed to take. This time around I truly felt the need for a word that encapsulated an outward focus; that would encourage me to look for the positive and not necessarily DO something. I wanted a word that had more to do with my attitude than my actions.  

I believe JOY is just such a word.  My hope is that as I go about my day dealing with the mundane that I will stop and notice the JOY in my day: that first sip of my morning coffee, an unsolicited hug from one of my kids, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, no dishes in the sink! 

And as I did last year, I've made a Manifesto that I can print out and place in my home where I can see it everyday!

Friday, December 26, 2014


Linking up to Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday blog post. 

For this image I used Kim's kk_litely LR action and one layer of Kim's texture kk_paperlove on soft light at 100% opacity. I brushed off a bit of the texture from the flower and the cup.

Monday, December 15, 2014

December 10 on 10

Chill December brings the sleet,
Blazing fire and Christmas treat.
~Sara Coleridge (1802-1852), "The Garden Year"

December is undoubtably one of my favorite months. I love the onset of winter, my youngest children's excitement for the upcoming holiday, and I actually look forward to the ending of the year. Maybe it's the feeling I get that a new beginning in the New Year is just around the corner or maybe it's the hope I find in the reason we celebrate Christmas, but the month of December holds so much promise for me. 

This year the start of the month has found me starting a new hashtag on IG (please play along if you are so inclined!), creating still life scenes on my dining room table studio, decorating my home for Christmas, and enjoying the bokeh filled aftermath of very much needed storms (California is suffering from a tremendous drought).  I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my December:

Cookies and tea...perfect for a stormy afternoon

My favorite still life subject: tea time

Tea time again!

Hot cocoa, peppermint sticks, and marshmallows...just because!

A few bits and baubles left over from decorating

Beautiful light for The Light

After the storm, and a bit of love.

Birch tree, I
Birch tree, II

Birch tree III

Thank you so much for joining me this month for the last of my 10 on 10 entries for 2014!  Please continue on the blog hop and visit Connie's beautiful blog and read about some of her beautiful ornaments and the stories behind them!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!