Tuesday, April 15, 2014

10 on 10 April

April again! with its wonder of gladness,

April with its haunting joy, and swift-stinging tears,-

Month of mist and music, and the old moon-madness,

Month of magic fluting, the spirit only hears,-

'April again!' 

Many of the old buildings of this gold mining town have been restored and offer a wonderful look into the past. 
An inviting vignette outside a little shop specializing in vintage and shabby chic goods. 
Just strolling along. 
Panning for gold!  
Her biggest piece!
This one struck it rich! 
The roof of the blacksmith's shop.
The barn.  
Trademark: "I Am For Women" on the side of an old hand-cranked washing tub/wringer. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

10 on 10 March

Welcome to this month's edition of the 10 on 10 blog-hop. Can you stand a few more garden pictures? Despite the rainfall we've received the last couple of weeks (still not enough to get us out of the serious drought from which California is suffering) things are still fairly dry but shhh! don't tell my garden that. Spring has arrived in my area and evidence of it is everywhere in my yard. I've filled and re-filled my bird feeders, planted seeds, done a little indoor gardening (if you follow me on IG then you know all about my family heirloom casserole dish turned planter), trimmed all my shrubs and planted violas in my herb bed.  I still have to prep my three other raised beds for more planting but that will come in the next few days/weeks.  The light has been just gorgeous in the afternoons and early mornings; enough to make me want to sit in the sunshine and bask all day long. Alas, that option is just not in my near future.  But I do get out in it to a little every day.  The young girls and I have enjoyed tea and Winnie-the-Pooh on the patio, sidewalk-chalk shadow art in the side yard, and blowing bubbles. And Sunshine has hoisted her flag in a certain tree, declaring it her own!

Sunshine's flag. 
Birch tree leafing out.
Gorgeous morning light shining through the plum tree.
A different plum tree on the other side of the house. The blossoms on this tree are nearly gone!
A shamrock plant!  I get one every year in honor of St. Patrick and my Irish heritage.
A little anemone that just sprouted up!
Ladybugs are always welcome in our garden!
Bubble blowing on a very windy day!

Our St. Patrick's Day celebration would not be complete without a Leprechaun trap. Maybe we'll catch him this year! 
A thunderstorm and the Easter bunny: even our refrigerator art shows signs of spring!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

10 on 10: February

Wow!  February already.  It really is true, "the older you get the faster time flies."  For this month's 10 on 10 blog-hop post, I found myself outside after several days of much needed and long overdue rain trying desperately to envision my garden in its springtime glory. That's rather hard to do when all that is visible are little bits of green poking through the mud.  Fortunately my herb garden has a couple of evergreen plants and the rosemary was even blooming. So here is a little glimpse into my garden (and a couple of pic's from inside the house).  

bee skep in my raised herb garden
bird feeder after the rainstorm 
enjoying the blue skies 
herb garden bunny 
salad burnet after the rain 
lichen and moss covered  boulder 
orange halves for the birds

after sustaining too many chips around the rim, my favorite mug has been transformed into a succulent planter

african violets always remind me of my grandmother...if I could only grow them as well as she
Gus had to check out what was happening on the window sill (and sample the succulent)
remnants of our little valentine workshop

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Friday, February 7, 2014

{Friday finds} Sisters

I'm linking up with Kim Klassen for today's Friday Find.

spots by Lolafalola
spots, a photo by Lolafalola on Flickr.

Two sisters. The older, mothers her younger sister all the time. The younger, whose names roughly translated mean "beloved friend", resents it.   They fight like cats and dogs most days.  The bickering can reach epic proportions in less than 60 seconds.  Yet, on occasion they get along...like beloved friends.  This was one such occasion: a walk down the road to the park to find acorn caps. They walked home hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, happy with their discoveries. Oh if everyday were like that.  

Kim Klassen dot Com

Friday, January 31, 2014

One moment~one image

Just one image from the past week.  A simple look into my life. A moment I want to treasure. 


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

10 on 10: January

A few days ago I wrote a list of 14 things that I'd like to accomplish/put in motion in 2014.  One of those things was to do a collaborative photography project much like 3191 Miles Apart.  This isn't exactly the same, but I am SO excited to announce that I've joined a group of very talented photographers in a monthly 10-on-10 photo blog-hop (a big thank you to my friend Kristina Rust for inviting me)! Each photographer will post 10 photos taken on or about the 10th of each month and link to the next blog in the circle. So no matter with whom you begin, if you click through the link  in each post you'll eventually end up where you started. The best part: every month you'll get a sampling of each photographers amazing and unique work. And for those that don't know me or are visiting here for the very first time I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 5, so most of my images will be of the domestic variety.

So here are my 10 on 10 images for January 2014:

the start of our morning: a spot of tea and coffee
patiently waiting for the muffins to cool
math with a friend (and that's a gentle lead on Gus; it helps keep him calm when
he gets really rambunctious, as you can see, it works very well!
stickers for a job well done
composing her own music
looming a new bracelet (you can't tell but there are 7 on her wrist already!)
my oldest daughter received notice that she was accepted to her first choice college
(she wouldn't let me take her picture) 
afternoon respite for Mom

Gus' favorite game? Chasing Bocci balls, of course! (here he's waiting to see if it will roll any closer)
a little leaf love
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

14 for 2014

I am not one to make resolutions. I know myself well enough to know that when I do make resolutions I don't keep them. Not for lack of trying, mind you, simply more so because of how life interrupts even the best of my intentions. That is why I choose a word for the year. This year I've chosen Breathe. In past years I've chosen embrace, grow, and simplify.  These words give me a framework upon which to focus my ideas, endeavors, attitude, etc.  This year, in addition to my word, I've been inspired by Kim to write up a list of 14 intentions for 2014.  I 'm not making any promises to myself to keep all of these as this list is not set in stone nor is it exhaustive.  It's just a list of 14 ideas I wrote down as they popped into my mind; things that I'd like to see happen for myself this year.

1.  Blog more often
2.  Update the look of my blog
3.  Finish 3 projects in the house: family room wall, re-upholster my fav chair, and the dining room to work space conversion
4.  Get outside more often: snowshoeing, hiking, biking, etc.
5.  Journal more
6.  Read more 
7.  Take control of my health 
8.  Be intentional about my photography
9.  Work on a 365 project and FINISH it
10. Collaborate on a photography project (akin to 3191 miles)
11. De-clutter my closet
12. Make time for me...guilt-free
13. Be intentional in my relationships with others
14. Be grateful everyday and actually write it down in a gratitude list (I do have one but I can go for days and days, months even,  without actually writing anything down)