Thursday, November 19, 2015

Still life with a story

beautiful breadboards by We Are Caribou

My husband and I have been a on a 2+ year journey to weed-out, pare-down, dispose-of a good deal of our belongings. The idea that less is more truly resonates with both us. It's not easy, especially after 23 years of marriage and 5 kids. We have a lot of stuff. But, this paring down  sometimes seems at odds with my love of still life photography. One NEEDS stuff to use as props in order to create those beautiful images. So, I made up my mind that any prop I acquired HAD to be functional as well as photographic. However, this is not always the easiest thing to accomplish. Many times I've fallen in love with an item (or rediscovered an item I already possessed) that doesn't really have a function other than to look pretty on a shelf. 

All was going well until I saw a beautiful breadboard featured in one of Kim Klaassen's photos on Instagram. Oh my!  I had been wanting a breadboard with a bit of character for a long time but never found least not in my price range. So, I followed the link Kim posted to the Instagram page of Lois Jantz, proprietor of We Are Caribou breadboards. I loved her breadboards and ordered one a larger one for use as a prop and a small one to use as a prop and for use with food. 

While looking at her beautiful IG feed I noticed that there were a fair number of images of beautiful, nearly-white labrador retriever pups and each of the images was hash tagged with #whitevelvetlabs. Intrigued, I did what any modern woman does: I Googled the name! And wouldn't you know it...Lois also breeds English Labrador dogs AND she had puppies available.

My husband has wanted an English Lab puppy for himself for quite some time. He enjoys the quieter pursuits of life (think sketching, photography and fly fishing) and wanted a companion dog he could bring along on his adventures. Gus the wonder pup, being a gregarious, rather loud beagle is not quite the quiet companion dog my husband was looking for.  I showed the puppy pictures to my husband but he didn't seem terribly interested. At least that's what I thought. I realized he was interested after he started coming up with puppy names! I contacted Lois through her website a few days later and she called me back...from Manitoba, Canada! We spoke for nearly 45v minutes talking about all kinds of things, and sometimes even puppies. By the end of that call I knew I was getting one of her pups for my husband. 

"Finn" arrived exactly one week after that phone call!  What started out as my purchasing a breadboard (or two) ended with me getting the breadboards AND a puppy! 

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