Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Teatime Tuesday and a Hashtag

Anyone who knows me I knows that I love Instagram. It is a fun way for me to connect with like-minded creatives, some of whom I know in real life and some only online.  I am inspired by those I follow and encouraged by their uplifting and oftentimes funny comments. I can share my photography and practice my creativity at the same time.

One of my favorite things to post on IG  are images of my young daughters and I enjoying our tradition of tea; we've made it part of our homeschool day for many years now.  Each Tuesday we sit down and have a proper tea complete with china tea cups, sweet treats, and poetry. It is a highlight of our week and something we look forward with much pleasure.  And it's not just on Tuesdays that we enjoy tea.  We actually have it all through the week. It is one of those things I look most forward to each day. I find comfort in a steaming cup of Earl Gray.

As we head into December and life gets busier and often more hectic I look to my cup of tea as a respite. A way to slow down, even if for just a moment and reflect on the day. It was during one of these moments of sipping tea that an idea came to me. I can't be the only one finding the holiday season a bit hectic. I can't be the only one needing even just a moment of peace and quiet.  Why don't I invite my IG friends to join me at the tea table for a spot of tea. We can sip together and perhaps find a bit of that peace that is so elusive this time of year.

After wracking my brain to think of something original or edgy (neither of which anyone would equate with me) and not coming up with anything I've decided to create the new hashtag #teatime_tuesday.

My intention (if I can figure out the technical stuff...I am an avowed Luddite) is to feature every Tuesday a favorite from the pool of images added to that hashtag here on my blog and on my IG feed. Images can be added Wednesday through Monday and are not limited to just tea (although that is preferred). Maybe your comforting cuppa is coffee or hot chocolate or some other comforting drink!

I do hope you'll join me for a cup of tea each week.  The kettle is always on.

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  1. Hi Laura:
    I love your idea, and the lovely weekly tradition you have with your girls of tea and poetry. A teacher friend and I love to post to a poetry blog where the host posts a photograph and challenges participants to write a poem (15 words or less) for that photo. Your photographs inspired me..so here it goes ....


    Sipping slowly
    morning moments-
    all while considering the day.
    I pause to share my mind with you
    before we go on our way.

    By, Ellen Vojnovic

    (PS..this one did not follow the 15 words or less format) :O)