Sunday, June 15, 2014

10 on 10 June

And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.
~James Russell Lowell

June. The beginning of summer. Holder of so much promise and expectation. The start of slow days and and root beer floats; staying up late and sleeping in.  No other month reminds me of childhood as much as June.  I can still recall the expectation and thrill of the last day of school and the beginning of summer vacation: 12 weeks of unstructured, unbridled fun. No worries more bothersome than how to get to the community pool and how many blue 'Otter Pops' were in the package.  Oh, that life was so simple still how much more we'd truly live.  
Last month I missed the 10 on 10 Blog Hop. Life took over. Just a little bit of illness, a little bit of stress, but enough to keep me away from my camera and this blog.  Now that our homeschool has put aside the books for summer, I'm hoping that I'll get some 'me' time to pursue those things that I enjoy; those things that help me stay grounded and sane, namely reading and puttering in the garden and creating, either with my camera or with paper.  
This month we celebrated a milestone in our family: we graduated our oldest daughter from high school!  Her actual graduation was May 23rd, but her party was this past weekend. We were celebrating more than her completion of high school. We were celebrating a 13 year journey that she and I have been on together and I wanted to make it special. However, my daughter really didn't want much fuss made over her.  A simple open house with simple decorations was all she wanted. So with that in mind,  I used what I had: a vintage 1950's era globe as a centerpiece on the table and a map from a collection of old Nat'l Geo maps to make a pennant banner.  The day was so busy I only managed to take a couple of photos of everything, and half of those were on my phone. 
This month's images a a hodge-podge. A little from the party and a few from the days that followed. I hope you enjoy them.

The theme of our daughter's grad party (iPhone)

My husband's handiwork on our pantry door. (iPhone)

My 1950's era globe.
Fun little bubble bottles in honor of the Graduate!

At the Sketchbook Project's Mobile Library in San Francisco.
My oldest daughter's sketchbook was part of the library.

She was completely taken with all the sketchbooks. 

As was her sister!

One of my favorite drawings!

Another of my favorite drawings!
The window of the San Francisco Center for the Book: the host of the mobile library.

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  1. As always, I love all your photos. And I especially love the theme you chose for your daughter's grad party. Congratulations on this big milestone!

  2. Milestone indeed! I love the map and your husband's artwork. Beautiful post.