10 on 10: January

A few days ago I wrote a list of 14 things that I'd like to accomplish/put in motion in 2014.  One of those things was to do a collaborative photography project much like 3191 Miles Apart.  This isn't exactly the same, but I am SO excited to announce that I've joined a group of very talented photographers in a monthly 10-on-10 photo blog-hop (a big thank you to my friend Kristina Rust for inviting me)! Each photographer will post 10 photos taken on or about the 10th of each month and link to the next blog in the circle. So no matter with whom you begin, if you click through the link  in each post you'll eventually end up where you started. The best part: every month you'll get a sampling of each photographers amazing and unique work. And for those that don't know me or are visiting here for the very first time I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 5, so most of my images will be of the domestic variety.

So here are my 10 on 10 images for January 2014:

the start of our morning: a spot of tea and coffee
patiently waiting for the muffins to cool
math with a friend (and that's a gentle lead on Gus; it helps keep him calm when
he gets really rambunctious, as you can see, it works very well!
stickers for a job well done
composing her own music
looming a new bracelet (you can't tell but there are 7 on her wrist already!)
my oldest daughter received notice that she was accepted to her first choice college
(she wouldn't let me take her picture) 
afternoon respite for Mom

Gus' favorite game? Chasing Bocci balls, of course! (here he's waiting to see if it will roll any closer)
a little leaf love
Now head on over to Kristina's beautiful blog to continue the blog-hop and while you are there, don't forget to leave a little comment love!


  1. Oh, loving your images! Love the "domestic-ness" of the shots - they're great, real life, beautiful shots with amazing light! I'm new to the group too and looking forward to the journey!

  2. Yes - beautiful light! Congrats to your daughter on her college acceptance! I had to beg my teenager to get a shot..

  3. Laura, it's so good to have you here! Thank you for sharing such beautiful images of life in your home! And Welcome!

  4. Love these images and getting a glimpse into your life. Congrats to your daughter on the college acceptance. And I love the little blog logo you made...so cute!

  5. Excellent 10. I always enjoy your family images. Congratulations on the collaboration and I must do better at catching it each month.


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