Monday, July 29, 2013

Friday Finds

{I'm linking up with Kim Klassen and posting about something I've found this week: an image, a thought, an insight--whatever it may be, the possibilities are endless.}  

Friday Find, originally uploaded by Lolafalola.

The tall bottle and the medium bottle in the middle: both finds from my day spent at the Treasure Island Flea Market with a few of my fellow "Sisters" (we all attended Camp Shutter Sisters and/or Oasis and one of our number was visiting from Nebraska).  For most of the day I just wandered and chatted with my friends but just before deciding to head out I spied these bottles.  I knew I had to bring them home when I saw the "B" (I have an affinity for B's).  They now grace my family room bookshelves (along with several other bottles...apparently I have an affinity for bottles, too!).

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