Sunday, September 23, 2012


Saturdays are typically very hectic around our house.  We try to cram the previous week's unfinished activities, errands and chores into one day, oftentimes losing precious family time in the process.  This Saturday was a bit different.  Two of our teenagers were off on a high school retreat at the coast and our other teen was out and about doing his own thing. That left the Mr. and me alone with just our two youngest.  We chose to run a couple of errands but stopped at the bookstore to sweeten the deal.  Our little girls were more than happy to tag along, after all it is a rare treat to have Mom and Dad all to themselves.  Once home we spent the greater part of the day loafing about; the girls reading their new books, the Mr. perusing a magazine he picked up, and me watching videos for an online class I'm taking.  The term "lazy Saturday" embodied our day.  The unhurried pace, the guilt-free ease of each of us doing something we enjoy all the while just hanging out with each other with NO AGENDA in sight was truly refreshing.  For me it was a perfect way to usher in fall, my most favorite season, by doing something quiet.  For the Mr. it was a good use of down time before heading off on an extended business trip on Sunday.  And for the girls, it was a great way to enjoy time with Mom and Dad without competing with the bigger kids for our attention. And lest you think the four of us spent our time on personal projects, there were loads of giggles, slow meals, and a few "jump-on-daddy" moments. We need to make more room in our lives for this type of slow weekend.  

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