Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The time was ripe...

We took a field trip today, our 2nd day of school, to a local berry farm. It was just what we needed to start our new school year off on the right foot. My four daughters and I went with my dear friend and her two daughters. We've decided that we need to make this an annual pilgrimage, just like our annual trek to Apple Hill in October. I truly believe that nothing beats nature to educate, encourage, and energize. It's good for the body and the soul.

And we were in luck. Our fear that the blackberries were nearly gone (after all this is the tail end of blackberry season here in No. California) was foundless. My friend and I came home with two full flats of blackberries. Although my favorite way to eat blackerries is out of hand or on my yogurt in the mornings, I see many blackberry crumbles, pies, and muffins in my near future.


  1. Lovely! Sounds like a perfect day.

    Oh, and I'm one of four girls, too. You must have a ton of fun in your house! :)


    1. It was a perfect day! And yes, we have a ton of fun around here, especially when we add the one boy to the mix!