Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Learning: 10 things about me

Beyon Layers-Learning, originally uploaded by Lolafalola.

As part of my effort to "Grow" in 2012 I am taking Kim Klassen's year long Beyond Layer's e-course and I am loving it!  This week she challenged us to make a list of 10 things about ourselves and then share that list with the group. Now, I have done something similar in the past but that was a list of 100 things about me (and unfortunately that list brought me within the sights of some folks investigating the disappearance of a young girl over 30 years ago...they thought I might be her and as such looked into my private life. That unsettled me quite a bit and is the whole reason I try to keep my children's faces and any/or identifying info off of my blog).

Anyways this list is fairly innocuous and I thought it might be fun,  so here it goes:

1. I love my 40's...in the words of a friend's friend: the 40's feel "settled".
2. I never imagined myself as a mom. I was going to have a passport, be a doting Auntie, and travel the world!
3. I LOVE being mom to my 5 kids (and all the friends they bring home)!
4. I got my first passport 18 months ago!
5. I love Medieval history.
6. I know amazingly stupid facts about many things.
7. I've always wanted to be a helicopter pilot.
8. I only read one magazine: Country Living UK (but I read MANY books).
9. I met my husband 3 weeks before my 18th birthday...I knew within 6 weeks that he was the one for me. We've been together 26.5 years and married almost 20!---he's my one and only true love.
10.I spontaneously break out in song--especially in the grocery store (much to my teenager's complete mortification)!


  1. Laura, I just love you! and I love your beautiful life...... this is even more special to me....after having spent time together at camp....

    i can't believe you have 5 kids... amazing!


  2. I always knew there was a special bond between us: this confirms it!! You are a fantastic, inspiring woman and I'm so thankful to be getting to know you.

    Along with Kim - love the photo; it's grand.

    My husband particularly enjoys the fact that I can turn any phrase or situation into a song, no matter how ridiculous or pathetic the attempt.