Friday, October 28, 2011

Home From Camp

The sign welcoming us to Camp Shutter Sisters

 Last week I went away. From Sunday to Wednesday. All alone. No kids. No husband. Just me. And my camera.   I've never really left my family for more than a quick overnight...and it was good.  I needed it.  After dealing  with the last stages of  my mom's terminal illness, hospitalization, and eventual death for  four very stressful months, all the emotional and physical baggage that came with it,  and then the subsequent long months of dealing with her credit card companies, bill collectors and the like.  Couple that with all the usual stress and angst a family of 7 deals with daily, I needed a break.   A big break. 

And I knew just what I wanted to do.  In early January I saw posted on the Shutter Sisters blog the opportunity to attend Camp Shutter Sisters; a photography retreat envisioned by Tracy Clark. I just had to bide my time until the March sign-up date arrived. When 9am on that day in March  did arrive I jumped on the computer and...was about 1 minute too late.  I hit submit at 9:14am  and Camp was already filled.  I didn't know how much I wanted to go to Camp until that moment.  I'd like to say I handled the disappointment like an adult.  I'd like to, but I didn't.  I cried for a bit, was cranky then tried to get on  with life.  But not before sending and e-mail to Tracy asking to be placed on the wait list. I was number one on that list.  I really needed to be on that list.  I really needed to go to Camp. Only I didn't know then how much I needed Camp.  Providentially  I was one of the lucky few that did get to go.  I got the e-mail at the end of May saying a spot opened up, asking me would I like to come.  I could hardly contain myself...Yes!  I wanted to come!!!  I thought a Camp experience would be just what I needed to refresh and renew myself.  A mini-vacation just for me.

It was that and more.  So much more. 

part two to come....

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