Saturday, June 4, 2011

I am a "Courted" Woman

The other night my husband came home and out of the blue asked me if I was worried that he didn't  "court" me enough.  Apparently this had come up in a conversation with some of his friends.  At first I laughed the question off wondering from where the dickens it came.  I quickly realized he was asking in earnest.  He really wanted to know if I felt let down in this area of our relationship.  I replied that I never felt the need to be courted and after all he already caught me!  We spoke a little more about it but  for the most part we left it at that.  Well, for some reason this whole idea of courting came  to my mind this morning and I realized that my husband DOES court me everyday...just not in the traditional, expected manner that society tells us he should.   No, we don't go out on dates every week or even every month.  To be honest, we probably only go out on a "date" a couple of times a year. But he courts me nonetheless.

He courts me when he and I are in bed, each reading our own books and he stops to read me a passage  that has made him laugh, touched him or caused him to really think hard and he wants me to share in this discovery of his.  He courts me every time he cups one of our children's faces in his hands to tell them he loves them.  He courts me every time he comes home from a LONG day at work and finds me washing dishes with my cracked and bleeding hands and moves me aside to finish the job for me.   He courts me every time he comes home and cheerfully asks what can he do for me. He courts me when he listens to me tell a story...for the second time or third time.    He courts me every time he puts up with my nervous and annoying habits and does so with love and gentleness.   He courts me every time he COMES home!  There is much in this world to entice a man away from his wife but my husband has committed himself before God to remain  true and faithful to the wife of his youth.   All this and more make me want to marry him all over again...everyday.  If that isn't courting then I don't know what is.

Coram Deo,


  1. love that you've taken a non-traditional idea of courting! most women i know think of it in terms of date nights, flowers, gifts...but there is soooo much more that is more important, more meaninful.

    thanks for stopping by the blog and for your encouraging words as we start our homeschool year!

  2. Thank YOU for the encouraging words, Amanda. And thanks for stopping by...just so you know I really appreciate your blog. Love your images and your simple, heartfelt words. It's refreshing!