Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We've been a busy family the last couple of months.  My son fished his 2nd year of college, my oldest daughter graduated from high school, and we've finished up our 14th year homeschooling.  I'm not complaining. This is the life I love, but it can be overwhelming at times with little time for myself to just sit and be still. To breathe.  I am a the sort that NEEDS quiet time.  I guess you could call me an introverted extrovert. I love busy happy times with friends and family but I need the balance of time to myself enjoying quiet pursuits. I don't get much of this at all.  And then, when I do take the time for myself, I feel guilty for doing it.  One of my hopes/goals for this year was to blog more.  The year started off well and then: Life. Reality.  Sitting in front of a screen trying to write a blog post while my children are calling my name, the dog is chewing up EVERYTHING, the phone is ringing and the school books are staring at me accusingly just doesn't work for me. SO this blog and my good intentions of being consistent fall to the wayside. I didn't even participate in the 10 on 10 photo project last month. That was disappointing.  But, this is a new a month and with that comes new possibilities for adventures and photo ops.  I also signed up for Kim Klassen's newest offering: Be Still 52 .  A new 52 week online class designed to inspire creativity and quietness in life. Like all of Kim's classes it promises to be filled to the brim with great information, projects, challenges and insight into her creative process while at the same time showing how quietness and Being Still is important when life gets hectic or rough around the edges.  I am hoping that this summer I'll be able to take time for myself, guilt-free, to play with my camera and really breathe.

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