Friday, July 13, 2012


Summer time in a jar. These flowers have been sitting on my dining room table for nearly a week, just calling to me. One day I finally listened and grabbed my camera, dusted it off and started shooting. And shooting. And shooting. From every angle, and in different light. I took the equivalent of an average roll of film of just these flowers. I needed to do this. I needed to do something just for myself, with no thought of how or why. And it felt good. It's been too long since I picked up my big camera. I've been using my iPhone everyday (gosh, I love Instagram!) but my big camera has sat, neglected, on a side table.

I think I lost my creative mojo back in May when my oldest daughter was unexpectedly diagnoses with Type 1 Diabetes. It really knocked the wind out of me. Out of us all, truth be told. And sometimes when that happens I have a really hard time picking myself up and jumping back into the creativity mind set. I hadn't realize how much I needed my creative outlet until I started taking pictures of these simple flowers. I hadn't realized how much I needed to create a little each day. I hadn't realized how empty I felt inside...I thought it was just the after effects of my daughter's diagnosis and it's impact on her life and ours.

So here is my offering from my creative self. I hope this is the beginning of another long, affirming, creative spell.

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