Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Some of you may be visiting from my Facebook page and wonder about why I try to remain as anonymous as possible here on my blog.   Well, a few years ago I had a creepy blog stalker-kind-of-thing happen to me.  It made me want to stop blogging forever.  But, I didn't want to be a reactionary so I continued to blog all the while trying to be even more diligent at keeping my true identity masked (ooh, I sound like a Caped Crusader!) Hence, you won't find me mentioning my kid's  names or even an exact location of where we live. I try to be fairly vague about these things as a way to offer myself and my family some protection.  I know this is a very open, public platform but I try not to make to easy for others whom I do not know personally to find out who I am (because you all know how popular I am--snicker, snicker).   But, I also am not so naive that I think this protects me completely.  It is also because of this caution that I do not use my name when I comment on other's blogs.

Now you may be wondering to where all this is leading. Well, I recently made an online purchase of a vintage French Bistro Chair (you can see a picture of it here) from a delightful online shop called Dreamy Whites .   I initially contacted the proprietess, Maria, through her blog to ask if she had any more chairs for sale that she hadn't listed in her shop.  She graciously e-mailed me back with several pictures of chairs from which I could choose!  Oh, my! Let me tell you choosing  was hard; each chair had it's own uniqueness to it.  I liked them all...but I   really had my heart set on an all white chair.  Now, none of this terribly  unusual but the fact that Maria only lives about 1.5 hours away from me is!  Having lived in this area for most of my life and having JUST visited the area the area where Maria lives only 3 weeks ago I knew I could very easily pick-up the chair rather than it shipped to me--and I figured this would save me the shipping charges.  So, I hesitantly mentioned it to Maria and she agreed!  Well, that was definitely a step of faith for me...meeting someone in person that I only knew from the blogosphere. Yikes! All I could hear in the back of my mind was: "Danger! Will Robinson! Danger!"

But let me tell you those red-flags that my nervous-nelly mind sent up were for naught. Maria is quite possibly one of the most gracious  people I've ever met.  She not only brought the chair I purchased  but 3 more from which to choose in case I liked a different one better!  AND...she had tied a wonderful little burlap parcel with a little postcard attached to the back of the chair. I knew it had to contain some lavender (she sells that in her shop, too!) as I could smell it but it wasn't until I got home and opened it  that I found two bunches of lavender AND a small sachet!  AND (yes, it does get better!) she gifted me one of  these!  Oh, my! Those of you who really know me know that I've had a long time dream of owning a lavender farm.  I love lavender; the scent of it, its many color variations, how it attracts bees...I just love everything about it! What Maria did not know was that 3 weeks ago I visited the little shop she had mentioned on her blog and I purchased one of her lavender pillows.  So now I own two (they are the little pillows in the basket on my chair shown in the previous post).  Those two little pillows really scent the room!

I'm so glad I took a chance and asked to pick up my chair...otherwise I would not have met Maria in person...and my Monday would have been the worse for it!

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